Sunday, August 14, 2011

Paris Trip: Doll Museum + Food in Paris

I always want to visit the doll museum. It sounds freaky, but very interesting. Since we aren't allow to take photos, I stayed there for a while to draw.


Special Section: Food in Paris!
(Please click for large image)

I experienced the Parisian way of enjoying life: sitting down at the patio in a cafe, enjoying my cup of coffee (though I'm not used to only have a tiny size), writing dairies, sketching people on the street and letting time passes by...
It was nice that I finally had a break from my crazy work schedule in Canada.

Laduree in Paris

Maison Georges Larnicol

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Gobelins Summer School 2011

These were the two assignments that I did while I attended the Gobelins Summer School 2011. I learned a lot from the teachers and classmates from all sorts of backgrounds and countries!! The whole 2-week program was like an animation boot camp where everyone sketches, draws and talks about animation all the time!
Though they weren't my best animation, but I had a lot fun working on them.

The first one is a female walk cycle, done in traditional paper and pencil. I am used to animate in 3D nowadays that it took me a while to remember how to draw the keys. (I couldn't animate in layers with paper)

This is a limited animation assignment. First I thought it was "limited" in the way like flash cut out animation, but this limitation also applied to the time period: we only had 3 days to work on it. Again, I'm so used to animate all the little details and track every single arcs in 3D animation that I couldn't go back to cut-out animation anymore. As a result, I only ended up with an animatics.
This assignment is excellent for me to learn how important it is to animation efficiently and clearly in a limited time. I tried to do it with a "stick figure-like" character to let myself work faster, but still.... =P
Topic: when happens if a girl sees a handle drops in the subway train...

Monday, August 01, 2011

Paris Trip: Days before school starts

Ile de la Cite

Saint Chapelle - Rose Window

Staff @ St. Chapelle were on lunch break when I went... (1pm-2:30pm)
Since I had nowhere else to go, I stayed and sketched for an hour.

An advantage to be an artist: sketching is the best way to kill time. You can draw anything anywhere anytime!

Notre Dame

View from the tower (we can spot the Eiffel Tower!)

Flower market nearby

@ Louvre Musuem
On my way to Mona Lisa! You really have to line up early (I also got myself a 1-year membership pass =P), and run straight to her to avoid the crowd.

Empty hallway (except for security)

I was the 4th person meeting her that day

I was surprised that we are allowed to take photography and video in Louvre! This was the first art museum I knew that allows this; of course, no flash allow. (they can damage the paint.) I was upset and a little mad to see some tourists still used flash in front of the painting. I guess that's why they put glasses over some of the most important paintings. Still, all artists (no matter they are talented or not) spent their life and energy working on the paintings, which we should respect and treat them with great care.

Sketches from Louvre

Museé D'orsay

No photos allowed inside, so I sketched

Again, another advantage to be an artist: draw them when you cannot take a picture

On the streets

to be continued...
Animation School
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