Monday, January 31, 2011

My Disney Treasure

I've been extremely busy with studio work, school work and personal work...
I feel bad for not even have time to go to life drawing.
but I would like to share my latest Disney treasures!

An original drawing from Andreas Deja!!! I got this from CTN Animation Expo 2010. He was doing some demonstration on stage! He handed out the drawings afterward, and I got this breakdown drawing of Tigger!
This was one of my biggest highlights from the event!

I've always want to buy Disney Fine Art or Limited Giclee print on canvas, after a looooong fight between my mind and my wallet, I bought these two Disney's Tangled print on canvas!
At the beginning, I was just thinking of getting one. Apparently, the store which I asked, they have the #1/100 of the edition!! I decided to get them both.
It's my first time spending these much money to get a piece of art. I have been obsessed with Disney's Tangled that I cannot resist on these prints!

They are my most valuable Disney treasure, which keep inspire me to live my dream! Some day I will jump out of the tower and go to the lights!
Hopefully everyone will get to their lights!
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