Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Another session of life drawing... didn't really get many "lookable" ones...

I have too much straight lines in my drawings (especially in gestures)
I was so used to "straight against curve" that I just can't help myself.... I really need to train myself to draw with more curves, to get a nice sense of flow and movement.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Childhook Anime Party

I didn't realized I haven't post this illustration up.

I did this back in August, for the contest of Art Director's Dice Tsutsumi's interview at The topic was your favourite anime when you were a kid.

I grew up surrounded by anime cartoons, I couldn't really choose my most favourite, so I decided to do a party.
It surely brings back a lot of childhood memories while doing this drawing.
See how many anime series can you spot out/recognize?
(You can estimate how old I am by looking at them too.... = =)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Dr. Sketchy's Toronto

After the summer break, Dr. Sketchy's Toronto is finally back!!
Tonight's session with Obskyura was wonderful!

the one at the corner is 1min, the ones with the red bird are 10min, the rest of them are 5min poses.
(except the extra person who I drew during the break =P)

Friday, September 24, 2010

life drawing @ Seneca

I was so busy with school work, studio work and family issue for the past few weeks... plus the illustration contest from Taiwan that I FINALLY finished working on! I finally have some free time to myself.
I just realized even non-Seneca student can go to Seneca @ York for open life drawing!
It is a bit closer than downtown Toronto (for me), and I can go on Mon-Fri evening!! (even at some of the class time if the instructor allows, which is super cool!) I will definitely go more often to keep my hands moving!

Last night was my first night there. It's weird to be surrounded by Seneca students..."
(shh!!! no one knows who this strange Asian girl is...... shhhhh... I am trying to minimize my existence there...)

I will try to post some drawings from every session (if possible) =P

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stu poses from class 1

Just finish term1 of Animation Mentor.
Basically it was a review of 12 principals of animation for me, and a chance for me to get back to Maya. I still can't really do much modeling or lighting, but I start to have a hang on "seeing" the animation in 3D space.

These are different emotion sketches and the poses based on the character, stu.
(Well, I guess you can find tons of the same assignments on the internet. In a way, I am sorry to say that the class 1's assignments are so overly done that it is very difficult to avoid doing cliches... Hopefully things will get better in the up-coming class.
I can't wait for next term to start!

When one depresses, your body tends to crunch together for self-protection. You have very little energy to move your arms around which limit the variety of poses.

I struggled on the poses more than the animation, I really feel as depress as him...

Physical Strength:

(this was the week when the Manila Bus Hostage Tragedy happened. As someone who was born in Hong Kong, I dedicated the sketches/pose to the all the victims and their family...)


I can only do the basic geometric shapes and maybe play a bit with the vertex in modeling... Please don't expect me to model any great things by the end of the school. I only interest in drawing and animating, I only keep modeling to the minimal... (sorry) =(

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Life Drawing

Beside work from Animation Mentor and studio, I'm currently working on some illustrations for a contest. Unfortunately I am not allow to post them online...
While I was working on them, I realized I can't draw human in realistic proportion anymore! (I did too much cartoony stuff lately) I really need to commit myself to go back to life drawing once a week.

They are done with ball pen.
I can't remember how long these poses are... mostly around 5-10min??
(I wish they do more 1-3 min gesture poses...)

Animation School
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