Sunday, March 21, 2010

Taiwan Kadokawa 2nd Light Novel & Illustration Contest

Last September, I applied for "Taiwan Kadokawa 2nd Light Novel & Illustration Contest" (chinese).
The winners were just announced last week, and I lost, as expected.
I am pretty confident with my colored illustration, but I am bad at b/w drawings.
I'm used to see colors all the time while working on animation or background paintings; I don't do b/w drawings as much.
I'm planning to play more around with the compositions, shapes and b/w contrast, then go for another try this year!
(Though I am not planning to become a full-time illustrator, but it's always nice to have some freelance once in a while. =P if possible~)

We have to do two sets of illustrations for the contest:
one from an existed light novel published by Kadokawa; another one is original story.
(each set contains one color and two b/w pieces)

The light novel I chose is "Kino no Tabi"

The original story is my first story draft for my graduated film: The Abandoned Toy House.

(Supposedly, I have one more b/w piece for this set;
but the drawing is so bad that I don't want to embarass myself =P )
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